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We are proud to be recognized as the premium of Luxury Rentals

Dear Guest,

After been one of the first internet provider in 1992 and sold my company In 1999, In Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada, I started my first luxury vacation rental after buying a luxury Swiss style property with indoor pool on the ski hills. I bought many other luxury properties and build a great portfolio.

In 2011 the ban on vacation rentals in my region forced me to sell my properties and to change my business model.

I started to look in the Caribbean, Central America, Europe and other countries of the globe for where I would like to start the new business.

I found that many property managers and owners have different standards and guests are also having issues. All of this could be resolve with a proper standardisation and technology. I decided to test my concept with Saint Martin and St Barth in the Caribbean. 

I make sure that you are treated like I want to be treated and make sure that your experience will be the best ever!

We traveled in Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to find the best villas around the world with the highest standards.

We chose St Barth and Saint Martin to be the best destination for Dream Villas. We live there and meet with the best on the islands to provide services to our guests. We do the same for all the other destinations that we serve with a local team to make sure you get the best

The destination is important but the journey is what makes the difference.

Pierre A. Manseau, CEO